ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis man’s YouTube clips get some of the most views of videos geotagged for the area. Eric Rosen’s educational chess channel has been popular for years, and now has over 580,000 subscribers. He is now able to make a living off of the channel and gets recognized in public.

Rosen is a YouTube personality who uses his channel to help others learn how to improve their chess game. He shares videos on his page, and viewers can rewatch the videos as many times as they want. 

Eric Rosen, chess coach

“My YouTube channel, but it’s mainly playing and teaching, and I also live stream,” said Eric. “On Twitch.TV, which is for live-streaming, and then my YouTube channel features a lot of the best games or moments from my live-streams.” 

Rosen said that he started posting videos in 2017. Before that, he went to Webster University and graduated in 2017. 

“Live streaming on Twitch, making YouTube videos, and then gradually snowballing into a sustainable career,” said Rosen. 

“By the time I was eight, I played my first tournaments. I also got a coach when I was eight. Throughout my childhood, I traveled around the country, playing in a lot of scholastic events. In high school, I played in the World U18 Championships,” said Rosen. “And the National K12 Championships are essentially the national high school championships in 2011. I’ve been very competitive with it over the years. For a good chunk of my earlier years, I was focused on competing and improving as a chess player.” 

Around 2011 or 2012, Rosen started coaching young kids on how to play chess. Then, in 2017, his YouTube channel came online with educational videos. 

“I went to the University of Illinois from 2012 through 2014, and my original major was math and science,” said Rosen. “I realized that wasn’t quite for me, and I was looking for a program that was more on the creative side. Webster University was on my radar because they’re one of the few universities in the country that offers scholarships for chess players.” 

Rosen said that he has a large enough audience that he will get recognized about a few times a month out in public. 

Rosen is a member of the St. Louis Chess Club and said that he does occasional contract work for the club. Rosen said she competes in their events as well. 

“I’ve been recognized a lot when traveling, and especially in Saint Louis too, where there are a lot of chess fans around,” Rosen said. 

Rosen said that he does not consider himself a YouTube star, but he does say that it is flattering to get recognized. 

“Having a large audience has opened a lot of doors and it opened a lot of opportunities that maybe I wouldn’t have otherwise,” said Rosen. “I can pursue my love for chess. I get more offers for playing chess and providing commentary for large events.” 

Those who want to watch Rosen can check out his YouTube channel, website, twitch, and Twitter.