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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – As the national media make their way to St. Louis, those telling the stories are becoming part of them.  Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery and Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly were arrested by police last night and soon released with no charges.

“The police are instructing protestors and the media to turn off their video cameras, to turn off their cell phones to stop recording.  That is absolutely improper.  We as the public and of course the media have a right to and must document encounters that occur.” said Executive Director ACLU Missouri Jeffrey Mittman.

The ACLU Missouri filed their second lawsuit in St. Louis County Civil Court.  The first asks for the Michael Brown arrest be made public record.  The second suit is asking a judge to offer a ruling that makes it media coverage clear.

“We hope will issue an order to make it clear to any police agency whatever you do, do not squelch first amendment, do not tell citizens or reporters that they can’t record what is occurring.” said Jeffrey Mittman.

“This small pool has widened greatly across an entire community and no one is really safe.  The police are at odds with the very community they’re hired to protect and it’s unfortunate.” said St. Louis American Photographer Wiley Price.

St. Louis American photographer Wiley price has been a working journalist for 30 years. He’s covered everything from fires and homicides to protests, which is why he wears his media badge at all times.

“It’s not natural to run towards trouble.  When you see people running from things, the photojournalists  and the media are running towards it because there is a story there that needs to be covered.  We put ourselves in danger, everyday.” said Wiley Price.