Drug Test Cheats: Addicts Use Fake Body Parts to Beat System

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Drug users are cheating the system.  You`ll find so many products to beat a drug test that some addicts think they cannot be stopped.  Fox 2`s Chris Hayes reveals the lengths some addicts will take to keep using, while working in fields that protect you.  Before continuing to read, you should know this report is graphic.  It involves unusual techniques to beat a drug test and the techniques could be offensive to you. Recovering addicts want people to know the truth so they can get through to users who are dying.

Chad Sabora said, “The longer you try to stay out there and hide, the more pain you`re going to suffer.  You might as well just get down on your knees, throw your hands in the air and say `help me.`

Sabora was a Cook County prosecutor, in Chicago, until police caught him with heroin in 2008.

Sabora said, “We`re always the last person to know.  We think we`re getting away with everything and nobody has a clue.  The truth is usually everybody already knows.”

Sabora’s not surprised by the recent St. Clair County Judicial drug scandal.  Judge Joe Christ died of a reported cocaine overdose, March 10th, 2013.  Then in May, the Feds say they found former St. Clair County Judge Michael Cook with heroin and former Probation Officer James Fogarty with cocaine.

Fogarty, who`s now on house arrest, even worked in an office that drug tested employees.  After his recent arraignment, he pleaded not guilty and he would not answer my questions, including one about his employer`s drug tests.

Sabora says drug users are beating the tests.  He said, “They can.  I did.  I know plenty of people that do, but you`re cheating yourself.”

Sheila Young, who was sentenced to prison by Judge Cook, says she beat the system for years.  Young said, “I would take a medicine bottle, take somebody else`s urine, family member, put a strong aluminum foil over it, put a rubber band on it…”

You get the idea.  Disturbingly enough, there’s a more sophisticated version of this. It’s called the Whizzinator.  For about $100, you can get an elaborate kit that includes a vial of concentrated synthetic urine, warming pads, a secret pouch with a temperature monitor and a strap with a fake male organ we won`t show you.

Sabora chuckled when we brought it up.  He said, “The Whizzinator. It looks like you`re doing what you`re supposed to be doing, i mean it looks identical. It`s crazy the lengths that we will go.”

The product’s maker doesn’t advertise it as a way to beat a drug test, but as an alternative lifestyle device for ‘fun scenarios.’

Some drug users get help from the inside, like in the case of a former drug testing tech. Troy, Missouri police said Jason Noyes  would allow drug users to bring in someone else`s hair for testing.  A probable cause statement says police caught the tech, after he reportedly tested a strand of dark hair for a drug user who was blonde.

These tricks are not secrets to drug users.  Sabora and Young say they`re destructive ways of life.

Sabora said, “We go to the point of suicide, because that`s what drug addiction really is — is slow painful suicide.”

Young added, “You`ve got to be serious. This stuff is killing you. It`s killing you. There`s no way to beat it.”

Sabora and Young are happy to say they’ve both been clean for years.  Sabora explained the cheating this way. He said every time you cheat without getting caught, you move the bottom of where you`re going to fall.  If you get to the point where you have to buy a plastic body part, that should be a sign to you that you`re in a deep hole.

Drug tests still catch plenty of users.  Even when they don`t, recovering addicts say it sends a message that might help wake up a user.

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