AFL-CIO President fires up union members to vote no on ‘Right to Work’

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ST. LOUIS – Union members went door to door Saturday asking citizens to vote no on Missouri Proposition A. Some 200 people from more than 30 different labor organizations packed a labor hall to continue their battle to defeat Proposition A.

Richard Trumka is the AFL-CIO President. He said, “We’re going to vote no on prop a and show them it’s dead in Missouri.  Trumka fired up the crowd encouraging them to get out and work hard to defeat the proposition, the Right to Work law.  Trumka said, “Prop A will destroy jobs, Prop A will increase poverty. Prop A will pay even less equal for working woman.”

If approved workers won’t have to join a union or pay dues to get a job. Yet, they still receive union representative and benefits.  John Kahrhoff is a union member. He said, “The intent of the law is too bankrupt the labor unions and so they won’t have the resource to represent their members.”

Groups like Missourians for Worker Freedom Support Right to Work saying it empowers the individual worker and it creates jobs, grows wages and attracts business to the state.  After the rally union members fanned out into neighborhoods spreading their message.  Sherry Golden is also a union member.  She said, “I’m out talking to folks, pretty much educating them.”

Union member Michelle Whitley said, “We go knock doors every weekend.”

Voters go to the polls to decide Prop A August 7th.  The last time Right to Work was defeated in Missouri was 40 years ago, these union members are determined to make that happens again.

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