Alderman Antonio French free; says he was arrested because “I didn’t listen”

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(KTVI)- St. Louis Alderman Antonio French says he was arrested because, “I didn’t listen.”   French was released from the Ferguson city jail just after 7:00 a.m. Thursday.

French told reporters he was out with demonstrators Wednesday evening and around 9 p.m. police said they had to disburse.

French says he got into his car and rolled up his windows when police threw tear gas.   Moments later, he was taken out of his car and arrested.  French said, “I don’t think they ruffed me up, but I was dragged from my car. ”

“I would call everyone in there a peacemaker, not a trouble maker.  I saw some troublemakers and none of them were in that jail,” French told reporter Chris Regnier.

French said, “we broke no laws.”

Tear gas explosion and concussion grenades filled the sky in Ferguson Wednesday night.   St. Louis County police say at least 10 people were arrested including  French.

St. Louis City Board of Aldermen President Lewis Reed was also arrested.

Before the tear gas went flying police warned a crowd of about 60 people if they threw anything at officers their demonstration would end. When officers used the tear gas protestors ran nearly half a block to regroup. One person was caught on camera making Molotov cocktail. Another was later thrown at police striking an officer in the head.

That prompted a second round of tear gas, concussion grenades and rubber bullets. The crowd was pushed back again. The tear gas spilled into nearby neighborhoods. According to police, one officer was injured when he was hit by a thrown brick.

Video taken by Alderman French before he was taken into custody



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