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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – All five hunters selected to participate in Missouri’s first elk-hunting season have harvested their bulls.

The hunters all harvested their bull elk during the firearms portion of the season running from December 12 to December 20. There was an archery season from October 17 to October 25 with no harvests.

Samuel Schultz of Winfield, took down a 5×6 bull elk on private property in Shannon County on Tuesday, December 15. He successfully harvested an elk in the early 2000s.

The Missouri Department of Conservation also said Michael Buschjost of St. Thomas took down a 6×6 bull elk Tuesday, December 15 “outside of the refuge portion of Peck Ranch Conservation Area.”

Joe Benthall of Mount Vernon, Missouri harvested a 2.5-year-old bull elk Saturday, December 13 on National Park Service property near Log Yard by Ellington.

Gene Guilkey of Liberty harvested a 6×7 bull elk on Wednesday, December 16 on public land in Shannon County.

“I have never hunted elk before and this hunt was the dream trip of a lifetime,” Guilkey told the Missouri Department of Conservation. “I literally dreamed of taking a 6×6 bull but didn’t think it was possible nor would I be up to it, but the good Lord above had better plans than I did!”

Bill Clark of Van Buren had the resident-landowner antlered-elk permit. He harvested his bull elk on his 80 acres of property east of Peck Ranch Conservation Area on Saturday, December 19. In the 1990s he pursued elk in Colorado and Wyoming.

“I see elk on our land all the time,” Clark told the Missouri Department of Conservation. “I’m nearly 80 and use a cane and a crutch so I’m limited in my mobility. I was standing on my back deck and saw a group of cow elk about 100 yards through the trees in the yard with a spike bull with them. He stopped, and that was the shot I had and the shot I took. We then broke down the carcass and are processing it ourselves.”