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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – They’ve posted the “no boys allowed” sign at Missouri’s brand new one of kind school located in north city.  It’s called Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls. It’s a school that stresses STEM: science, technology, engineering and math.  And as the name says, all the students are girls.

Mary Stillman is the school founder.  She said, “We’re really going to empower our girls to keep their self-esteem, to find their own voice to really achieve in the classroom and outside the classroom.”

They’re using a single gender school program from New York as their guide; the program has been very successful. Principal Dr. Robyn Wiens said, “Nearly 100 percent graduation rate from high school and nearly one hundred percent graduation rate from high school.”

This sixth grader wants to become a civil engineer. Coumba Frango said, “I wanted to come here because it’s STEM based and college prep.”  Right now the school is six and seventh graders, they plan to grow it to 12th grade in five years.

In the crowd of well-wishers was former Senator Jack Danforth.  His daughter Mary Stillman worked four years making the charter school a reality. He’s proud of her and he knows how beneficial an all-female school can be for girls, his daughters attended one.  Jack Danforth said, “It helps a lot of young girls realize their potential.”

Some of the girls said they won’t miss going to school with boys.  Hannah Gray, a student, said, “They’re annoying and they can get on my nerves and they’re so mean sometimes.”