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ALTON, IL – Residents in one Alton neighborhood can finally rest easy, months after sleeping with one eye open.

The cause of their nightmares for almost six months straight was a known drug house down the block near Anex and Edwards Streets.

Alton police, along with a special tactical team with the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System, raided the home Thursday morning. Police say they detained multiple people, but only arrested three. Kevin Postalwait, Joseph Garcia, and Tranne Britton were charged with a number of felony drug-related offenses for possession and delivery of meth and cannabis.

According to Alton Deputy Police Chief Terry Buhs, the raid would not have been possible had the neighbors not been vigilant with their reporting and gathering of evidence.

“Numerous residents in the neighborhood complained about this house, giving us information leading us to believe illegal narcotics were being sold or used at the residence,” said Deputy Chief Buhs. “We encourage the public to work with us give us information they are our eyes and ears when we aren’t in the neighborhood.”

The neighbors are thankful police worked so hard to shut the house down.

“Thank you for your work, Alton Police Department,” said resident Jim Sackman. “In my opinion, is second to none.”

Police said five children were taken from the home during the raid and are staying with relatives.