Ameren says new ‘Smart Meters’ could help you save money


ST. LOUIS – More people in the metro are going to start seeing Ameren Missouri in their neighborhood as the company upgrades 1.2 million electric meters to bring additional benefits to customers. These smart meters will be delivered to all their customers in the Ameren Missouri territory by 2024, replacing old technology.

“That technology is over 20 years old. It’s really outdated. And we’re really excited because there’s so much excitement around the energy space that we feel these new smart meters will unlock new benefits for our customers,” said Jeff Esserman, Director of the Smart Meter Program for Ameren Missouri.

This upgrade will help their customers make informed decisions about their energy because they’ll have detailed information about how they use that energy through the day.

“I think about choice, convenience, and control for our customers,” said Esserman. “It can help them understand how much energy they use on appliances, other heating and air conditioning.”

Another benefit, they will help restore power faster in the event of an outage.

“These new smart meters are going to provide the information back to our operating team quickly and allow them to pinpoint how to focus on restoration efforts,” he said.

Ameren Missouri is encouraging customers to set up an online account to help them understand how they use energy and find ways to save.

“It may be as simple as shifting how you use your dishwasher or washing machine. Maybe the temperature you have on your thermostat. And exploring that and understanding the relationship by how you use those devices in the home and how you might be able to manage your energy use and cost,” Esserman said.

They also offer new on-peak and off-peak pricing options.

“Where customers may actually be able to choose rates where if they can shift some of that usage look to move their appliances, maybe heating and air conditioning usage there are real opportunities for them to save on their energy cost,” said Esserman.

Visit to learn more about the program and find out when your meter will be upgraded.

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