ST. LOUIS – American Cruise Lines, which has a variety of cruises on the Mississippi River, unveiled its Project Blue. It is a line of 12 new go-anywhere ships.

The first two Project Blue ships are already under construction by Chesapeake Shipbuilding located in Salisbury, Maryland and are due for delivery in 2023.

Project Blue started as a design challenge to create a boat small enough for New England harbors and stable enough for the Alaska Inside Passage, with a draft shallow enough for the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway,” president and CEO of American Cruise Lines Charles B. Robertson said. “These boats can run almost anywhere, and because there will be 12 of them, they will be deployed all over the United States.”

Each Project Blue boat will accommodate 109 passengers and 50 crew. They will be 241 feet long, 56 feet wide, and feature the hybrid catamaran design that enables both shallow draft access and stable sailing along lakes, rivers, bays, and America’s coastline.

American Cruise Lines said, “the first two ships will debut along East Coast itineraries.”