RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. – The American Red Cross is also helping flood victims with shelter and supplies.

They began distributing emergency cleaning supplies including buckets, cloths and brushes, along with trash bags and other cleaning needs. They shared that cash donations are needed for those who want to assist with this and future emergencies.

“The damage is more widespread than we thought,” ARC Public Affairs Volunteer Jennifer McGrath said. “After a few days, mold and mildew set in, so people are discovering that their houses are not livable. So we need to continue to provide shelter for people and somewhere to go, and resources which we’ll do at our multi-agency resource centers next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.”

The Red Cross has moved its shelter from the James Eagan Center in Florissant to the St. Vincent Community Center on St. Charles Rock Road. They also opened a shelter at Mason Clark Middle School on State Street in East St. Louis.

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