‘American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story’ comes to theaters Christmas Eve


ST. LOUIS – “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story” comes to theaters on Christmas Eve.

It tells the story of the Hall-of-Fame St. Louis Rams quarterback and his wife Brenda. The two met when Kurt was a fifth-year quarterback for northern Iowa.

“I remember him walking into the bar and people saying, ‘Kurt’s here. Kurt’s here.’ And I didn’t want anything to do with this little guy,” said Brenda. “He had feathered back hair and all these girls were around him all the time. And he would line dance and do it the exact opposite of everyone else.”

Zachary Levi stars as Kurt Warner and Anna Paquin as Brenda. Both actors capture the chemistry and charisma of the couple overcoming odds, tragedies, and the ups and downs of life — which all lead up to a Super Bowl championship for the St. Louis Rams.

Randy Quaid, who plays Dick Vermeil, is a hoot and a holler for fans of the football coach who led the team with his heart.

When Kurt and Brenda came to the city, they were already in love — but the city fell in love with them too.

“They fell in love with us, and for me, that was what was so special about it,” said Kurt. “It was unique on the field. Obviously, we did some things that may never happen again. But I believe a big part of that was because of the people they were off the field and the connections we had.”

Not overselling their faith in the story, but not hiding their beliefs, the film follows the young plucky quarterback who would win over Brenda’s heart and her children, and Arena football fans before stepping into the spotlight with the St. Louis Rams.

“We have a phrase that we use in our family that we often use and that’s, ‘Never let your circumstances define you,” said Kurt. “Most people have those supermarket moments, where you find yourself in a place you never thought you’d be and wondering how the heck you’re going to get to go where you want to go, from that moment. And that’s real life. Our story and this movie are real life.”

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