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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK. (CNN) – Last month’s Oklahoma tornadoes–rattling homes, businesses, families and wildlife all around the state.

Here’s a fawn Oklahoma city officials rescued Sunday (6/2), two days after rain flooded parts of the city.

The one-week old deer was wandering around the area looking for something to eat.

When a police officer brought it to Wildcare–a non-profit rehab for animals.

Since the storms, there’s been hundreds of animals like skunks, raccoons, birds and deer being cared for at Wildcare.

Master Sergeant Jeff Tanksley/ Oklahoma City Police Tanksley says: “I just kind of went out and picked him up and held him in my arms like a baby.”

Tanksley says: “The first thing that crossed my mind is I thought he got swept downstream.”

Tanksley says: “It was pretty obvious he was hungry and he was pretty frustrated.”

Rondi Large/ Wildcare Large says: “A lot of times with these storms hail and tornadoes these wild animals are out there living in these environments and they definitely do get injured and orphaned.”

Large says: “This lil’ litter of skunks came from the tornado they were found under the rubble with no mother in sight.”

Tanksley says: “I was in awe. I mean, they do incredible things here.”

Tanksley says: “This was something out of the norm and sorta made you have a feel good day.”