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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) – Yet another child reported running from strangers who tried to make him get in their car.

“There are some messed up people out here nowadays,” St. Ann, Mo. resident Joey Pieper looked at the police officers who spent Tuesday morning on his street.

With a knock on the door, neighbors found themselves in the middle of an attempted child abduction investigation — the fourth in just two weeks.  The first two were in St. Charles County, Mo. The second was in Troy, Il. The latest was in St. Ann. Police Chief Aaron Jimenez said a 13-year-old boy was walking to school along St. Katherine Lane near St. Clovis Lane just after 8:30 am.  The boy said two men pulled up in a car and asked him to get inside the vehicle. He refused. But, the men slowed down and pulled closer.

“In a loud, more forceful tone of voice they tell the kid, ‘Hey. Get in the car,’ the chief explained. “At that point, he gets to the crosswalk right in time and runs to the school and immediately tells the principal what had happened.”

Jimenez said he planned to call other police departments to see if the reports are related. He was disgusted and disturbed. But, he was also happy the boy ran when he did.

“We’ve had enough bad experience.  So when children are able to get out of something like this, it’s a relief.”

The chief also said parents need to tell their kids to do exactly what this teen did. Pieper has a two-year-old daughter. He planned to have this conversation when she turns five.

“I hear so much crazy stuff about people snatching kids and stuff it doesn’t surprise me.”

Police are looking for the driver of a maroon Chevy Malibu with Missouri license plates. The boy was not able to get a plate number.

The driver is described as:
White male
In his 50’s
Longer brown/grey hair
Short beard
Wearing a black jacket with stuffing coming out of his sleeve (it may have been ripped) 

The passenger is described as
White male
Grey hair with a crew cut
Greenish jacket 

If you know anything about this incident, you are asked to call St. Ann Police at (314) 427-8000.

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