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ST. LOUIS, MO(KTVI)- Once again, Mother Nature is about to flip the switch and dramatically change the weather in St. Louis. And the ups and downs in temperature have many worried about getting sick.

Dr. Steven Lawrence with Washington University Medical School says, “The change in the weather itself does not itself actually cause infection.”

However, when the weather turns cold and dry that causes viruses to thrive.  When you bundle up, the germs find a nice place to live, inside your cold nose. Not only that, but scientists say the cold and dry air makes it easier to spread the flu or respiratory illness to your friends and family.

Dr. Lawrence says: When it’s expelled from the nose, during sneezing or coughing, it forms droplets that travel a further distance than it does under warm humid condition because of the moisture content in the air.”

So celebrate the sun and warmth while we have it. And many have.

Ginger Treveer told FOX 2, “We love it and we are taking every minute to get out here before the temperature drops.

Mike Rousseau said, “We’ve had a good winter so far.”

He may get an argument on that point at the Alpine Shop.

Jake White/Assit. Store Manager says: “We’d be lying if we said we didn’t see decreased sales when it was unseasonably warm as it is,” said Jake White, assistant store manager at the Alpine Shop in Kirkwood, MO.

Sale signs for winter clothes are up early this year. Since the beginning of January cold weather gear has not been selling as well as in past winters. The silver lining? Customers are already looking closely at purchasing bikes and boats.