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ST. LOUIS – The Mississippi River was slowly climbing up the steps of the Arch. But, it was still about two dozen steps below the plaque that marks the height of the great flood of ’93.

At MSD’s Mill Creek Pump Station water from Saturday’s heavy rains were apparently still flowing through the sewer system, and you could see why MSD constantly asks people not to throw trash into inlets.  A pile of floating debris was evidence of how it can jam up the system.  The recently installed flood gate remained secured although it prevented people from traveling down Lenore K. Sullivan.

The rising river forced runners, like Jim Mosley, to change course, “I like running on the Riverfront, but I can’t do it today…this is the highest I’ve seen it in about 20 years.”

It was two for one for Arch visitors, they were able to see the monument and the flooding.  The Mississippi also attracted locals who gathered under the Arch, “I haven’t seen it up to the arch steps since ’93 or ’07,” said Steve Neels.   Roberta Neels added, “This is the first time I’ve seen it this high.”

Although Mother Nature creates some remarkable scenes, no doubt dangers lurk in flood waters.  Missouri Governor Mike Parson was meeting with HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on Friday when he warned citizens to be aware, “You have emergency personnel that sometimes lose their lives trying to rescue someone else cause they’re taking a chance they shouldn’t have taken.  So, the big message is safety above everything else.”