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ST LOUIS, Mo. – A St. Louis Army veteran who served in combat and suffers from PTSD said he is being forced out of his home for using prescribed medical marijuana.

Torrence Morris said his landlord is evicting him from The Tower at OPOP Apartments downtown.

Morris said the situation started when he had a new neighbor move in next to him who started complaining about the smell of cannabis. He said he offered to start cooking edibles instead but said the neighbor was still upset about the situation.

Morris served active duty in the Army and later deployed to Iraq with the Missouri National Guard. He said it took him years to get his life back on track and now that he’s finally on a medicine that’s working he’s feeling happy and healthy again. He said he is writing a book and doing well in his career.

Fox 2 reached out to the apartment complex and the landlord multiple times on Friday and our messages were not returned.