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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A billboard in St. Charles County is sparking controversy and conversation.

It depicts a girl writing a letter to Santa, but she isn’t asking for gifts.  All she wants is to skip church, because, as the billboard states, she’s “too old for fairy tales.”

The billboard is funded by the group American Atheists. It’s an advertisement for their national convention in Memphis this April.  The organization also hopes to raise awareness among atheists that they’re not alone, especially during the holidays.

American Atheists Spokesperson Danielle Muscato explains, “From the little girl’s perspective, Santa makes more sense than God. I mean, at least from her perspective, when she goes to the mall, she can meet Santa in person.”

While the atheist group says the billboard isn’t meant for Christians, some still find the ad offensive.  Peggy Castiglioni says, “Putting children on billboards, I think is taking advantage of people’s heartstrings, and is inappropriate.  I think someone who’s raising a child has the right, and should, raise them in the faith they feel is correct. When the child gets to be an adult, they can make those choices.”

The St. Charles County billboard is one of five across the Midwest and South.  The billboards are located in cities within driving distance of the upcoming atheist convention in Memphis.

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