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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – An Omphalocele birth defect happens form as the fetus is growing in the mothers uterus.  Some of the abdominal organs protrude through an opening in the abdominal muscles in the area of the umbilical cord. The baby is born with a transparent sack on the outside of the body.

Our cameras profiled a baby from the Quincy Illinois area who came to the Fetal Care Center at Barnes because of it’s extensive history with omphalocele babies.  Our cameras were in the delivery room as baby Hayden was born.  There was a lot of suspense because there is no way to know how the baby’s lungs have developed until birth.

Baby Hayden cried immediately which was a blessing for all of us in the delivery room to hear.  He did need a breathing tube after a short while but he’s expected to be just fine.  Hayden was then rushed off to the NICU at Children’s hospital.  He will have surgery to put the sack of organs back into his body in about a year.

He is expected to grow up to be just fine and not have any adverse physical affects.  It was an amazing delivery to see first hand.

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