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BRECKENRIDGE HILLS, MO (KTVI) –There are developments in the case of a baby boy found abandoned in north St. Louis County.  A phone call late Friday from someone saying they’re a relative has put Breckenridge Hills Police in contact with a man they believe is the baby’s father.  The father was leaving his home in Oklahoma Friday night to drive to St. Louis.

Police say the man tells them mother and baby left Oklahoma earlier in the week.  They believe she has relatives in St. Louis.  But the timeline ends there.  They still don’t know who was with the child here or who left the baby in an apartment building off of St. Charles Rock Road.  

Breckenridge Hills Police have been searching for whoever abandoned the four to six month old baby in a hallway in one of the Hickory Trace Apartment complex’s buildings.

Investigators say the baby was not hurt at all. He was taken to DePaul hospital to be evaluated but was released a short time later into protective state custody.

Police canvassed the Hickory Trace Apartment complex off St. Charles Rock Road. Investigators say a resident who was leaving for work around 5:00am Friday  found the baby in a first floor hallway. He called police and officers quickly responded.

The baby was fully clothed and strapped in a car seat. He had a bottle and what is commonly known as a ‘cozy cover’ to help keep him warm. He was not crying when he was found. Police say the condition of the baby makes this abandonment very odd because clearly the baby had been taken care of.

Officers don’t know how long the baby was in the hallway.  The child showed up sometime between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.  Police interviewed some residents in the building who said they had never seen the baby.   There are several vacant apartments.

Residents are surprised by the news of the little baby being left in the apartments.

Jazmin Stone, a mother of a six year old and resident of the apartment complex, said “It’s just shocking. I don’t see why a parent would do that. Don’t have kids if you don’t want the kid.”

Brittany Koonce, who also lives in the apartments, added “It is very disturbing to leave a little infant like that out here. There is no heat (in the hallway) so the baby could have frozen to death.”

Both Missouri and Illinois have “Safe Haven” laws.  They allow people to leave a baby at designated locations; no questions asked; without the threat of prosecution. Missouri’s law covers babies up to one year old.  Safe havens include any on-duty employee at a hospital, fire department, emergency medical center or law enforcement agency. In Illinois, people can leave babies up to 30 days old with a staff member of any hospital,  or fire station or an emergency medical service provider.


If you have any information in this case, call Breckenridge Police at 314-426-1214, extension 140.

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