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A group of owls at Forest Park has birdwatchers showing up in droves to see the creatures in their habitat.

I was approached about these owls recently by one of the birdwatchers who say people are totally intrigued by the owls. We showed up to find the owls and it was a site to see.

People show up between 4 and 6 most nights to see the owls in action. And it’s the baby owls drawing all of the attention.  They’re two baby owls simply sitting in a nest with their mother and growing. The great horned owls are a rare site perched inside of a hollowed tree at Forest Park near the boathouse.

Owl blogger Mark Glenshaw says the birds are cool to watch.  But you have to be careful not to disturb their nests because they can be territorial. Those who work nearby say they can hear the owls from across the park.

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