Ballwin man accused of nearly stabbing a man to death re-captured and re-charged


Note: video includes potentially graphic photographs of injuries

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo–Police have recaptured a man accused of nearly stabbing someone to death on the Forest Park Parkway in March.

The victim can’t believe the suspect was ever freed in the first place.

For a second time now, Robert Hyink, 27, of Ballwin, is jailed on charges of first degree assault, robbery, and armed criminal action for a March 15th attack on the parkway between Big Bend and Skinker alongside the Washington University Campus.

Nearly 12 weeks later, it’s hard to imagine that bloody scene on the parkway. It’s hard to picture Yevgeniy Lin, 62, staggering in the roadway, bleeding to death.

“I see kitchen knife going into my neck over and over and over again,” Lin said with a Russian immigrant.

He and his wife came to St. Louis from Minsk, Belarus, nearly 30 years ago and have been U.S. citizens for 25 years.

“We are patriots for this country,” his wife Tanya said. “This country (has given) us a lot. Thank God my husband is alive.”

He is a driver for Elite Transportation.

He suffered wounds to his hand, face, and legs as he tried to stop Hyink, who had been a repeat customer of Lin’s for nearly a year.

This time Hyink kept asking Lin to loan him money, Lin said, and then attacked without warning when Lin refused. Lin was driving when it happened.

“I managed to fight and grab knife away from his arm. I opened his door, holding his knife and told him to get out,” Lin said.

Hyink stole his 2017 Lincoln Continental, dragging Lin as he drove away, Lin said.

Luckily, a Washington University Police Officer found Lin moments later, called for help, and stayed with him, urging him to ‘hang on’.

“Please stay alive, stay with me, just a few minutes more, please, please,’” Lin recalled the officer saying.

Hyink was captured in St. Louis that night. He was charged, and jailed but on May 13th, the charges vanished. St. Louis County Judge, Amanda McNelley dropped the case and Hyink was freed.

Nearly two weeks passed before Lins were told, they said.

They’ve kept copies of their messages from the prosecutor’s office.

“We just got scared because we don’t know if this guy can find us or do harm to us,” Tanya Lin said.

St. Louis County Prosecutor, Wesley Bell told FOX2 News that the case fell under a new Missouri Supreme Court rule requiring grand jury proceedings to be held within 30 days of charges being filed.

The case missed the deadline by less than a week.

Prosecutors argued for more time.

“We objected to it. We believe that a pandemic that creates a backlog of over 800 grand jury cases is an acceptable reason for a continuance,” Bell said.

Though the judge dropped the case, the prosecutor did not.

He re-issued the charges last week. Police arrested Hyink at a Chesterfield restaurant last night.

“We were able to get him into custody. No one was hurt. We’re going to proceed with prosecution and make certain that we bring justice to this family,” Bell said.

Lin is still recovering but actually working as a driver again.

He says he has to work because he owes nearly $100,000 for medical bills and car repairs.

Hyink’s bond is set at $150,000, cash-only.

He’s been charged with multiple felonies in Creve Coeur and University City, ranging from drug offenses to forgery.

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