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BALLWIN, Mo. – A locally-owned Ballwin restaurant was filled for most of the dinner hour on Tuesday. Candicci’s held a dine-out fundraiser for a critically-injured Menards worker.

Michelle Arthur was struck by a suspected shoplifter on September 25. Her long-term medical needs are not yet known. The restaurant owner donated 10 percent of Tuesday night’s food and drink sales to the Arthur family to help with their medical expenses.

“She meant a lot to me,” said Kelli Ransford, a former co-worker. “She’s got some pretty great kids and she’s got an awesome husband. I just want her to know that we love and her and that no matter what I’m always going to be here to support her.”

Many of Arthur’s current co-workers dined out at as well.

“It’s just so positive that everybody’s here,” said co-worker Sarida Hudson. “We’re not focusing on the negative and we’re all trying to move forward in a strong way and show our support.”

Arthur’s husband is a local firefighter. Several of his fellow first responders dined out on to show their support.

“Finest family imaginable, the character, the integrity nobody is finer it’s a heartbreak to hear what’s happened to the family because I know they’re suffering,” said Carol Vanhoogstraat. She was dining out because she knows the family and knows they could use some help.

“I am so happy to be here to support in any way,” she said.

Bob Diamante helped organize the dine-out fundraiser. He’s also one of Arthur’s co-workers.

“It’s a good event and everybody walks away full and having a good feeling that they’ve done something good for somebody,” he said.