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BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) – Antonio Taylor, the 31-year-old accused of shooting a Ballwin police officer during a traffic stop Friday, has a criminal history that traces from St. Louis to Oklahoma, California, and back.

Taylor spent less than four years in prison between the trails of crimes he wove. Fox 2 News uncovered all of it in state and federal court records.

Taylor pleaded guilty in 2006 to second-degree robbery, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and eluding/attempting to elude a police officer. It was in Oklahoma, but his home address at the time was in The Grove area of St. Louis.

Three years later, he admitted to felony unlawful possession of a firearm, but he got a pass on his six-year prison sentence. The judge gave him a suspended execution of sentence and gave him probation.

In 2010, Taylor was a suspect in a carjacking. Police said they found him in the stolen car with a gun, but the witness could not identify him. Again, he pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of a firearm, served 30 months federal prison time, and then skipped out on his probation.

Taylor continued to stack more reported problems, according to federal court records, including a domestic assault incident, when his girlfriend said he beat her for, “refusing to have sex with Taylor.”

Taylor remained on the run until police in California caught him with an illegal firearm in 2013. He admitted it again and went to prison for another 15 months before getting out in March 2015.