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BELLFLOWER, MO. (KTVI) – A former area police chief says he was fired for talking with FOX 2 News about a burglary investigation.  Mike Bland was chief of the Bellflower Police department, a small Missouri community in Montgomery County.

We interviewed bland recently about concerns some residents had about a string of burglaries.  Bland told us he had several suspects in custody and confessions in hand but prosecutors would not file charges.

Prosecutors contended that Bland did not properly fill out paperwork.  Bland disputes that claim.  When he was chief, Bland told FOX 2 that Bellflower residents felt ignored by Montgomery County investigators.

His termination notice indicates he was fired for talking with FOX 2 News without properly checking with city leaders. Bland says he has proof he was given the green light to go public by the mayor.

‘There were numerous calls made between her and I about this exact case,’ said Bland.  He contends phone records and witnesses will prove he`s telling the truth.   His termination notice also cited that he released details about a pending investigation.  Bland feels he had to go public.

‘When things are not being handled like they should be I think that you have to go higher up,’ said Bland. He believes it`s within his constitutional rights to speak out.

‘Residents in the city of Bellflower are ultimately being punished because their chief went to bat for them,’ said Bland.

We contacted the Bellflower mayor.  She said she had no comment and that no one from the city would respond to our questions.

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