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ST. LOUIS – The FOX 2 team asked our Facebook viewers “Where is the best BBQ joint?”

Some viewers said old favorites like Pappy’s, Sugarfire, and Dalie’s. Other viewers said their own backyard was the best spot in the area for some good BBQ.

Jane said, “Pappy’s- from, what I’ve had so far. Big Woody’s is good too.”

“Dan’s House,” Roberta said.

Kim said, “It’s a tie between Pappy’s and Sharpshooters…both are tremendously good.”

Janet said, “Charlotte’s Rib bbq in Ballwin is really good! Always a local favorite!”

Patricia said, “Smoking Barrels on S. Kingshighway….great food, great service and great prices for great size portions.”

Cody said, “Big Woody’s BBQ and Heavy Smoke are both great!”

“Duke’s BBQ best in STL area,” according to Keith. Tammy replied and said “Duke’s is best kept secret.”

Shannon said, “We really like Company B in House Springs, Smokey Mo’s in Arnold and Kettlehouse in Festus.”

Kenneth said, “Dailies, Pappy’s, Heavy Smoke, Beasts are some of the best in our area!”

Francine said, “When they are there it’s the Lion Club on Watson Road in General Grant Shopping Center! They should be back in April til October!”

Rodney said Twins BBQ and Grill out in Farmington is great.

Tony said, “the brisket and pork steak are yummy” at Burnt Ends in Red Bud, Illinois.

Amy said, “TWO DUDES BBQ in Warrenton serves delicious meaty pulled pork… not fatty at all. SO yummy!!”

Here is the list of local places FOX 2 viewers mentioned in their comments: