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ST. LOUIS – Sammie Martin and Margaret Illig graduated Lindbergh High School with Ally Kostial in 2016.

“Very spontaneous. She would do just about anything. She loved outdoors, she loved just hanging out with her friends, she was the person you always wanted to be around,” Martin said.

Illig added: “When I was around her, I just felt like my spirit being lifted.”

Kostial died this weekend in a remote area of Lafayette County Mississippi, near where she went to college at Ole Miss. Police are investigating her death as suspicious.

Martin and Illig talked about her Monday at a spot outdoors they said Ally would love.

“It’s so symbolic. It’s perfect,” Martin said.

Illig said Ally loved being in nature.

Like the float trip they took together before high school graduation. They said she was involved in almost everything, from track and field to cheerleading at Lindbergh High School. They said she started a golf club in college.

Illig knew her since elementary school and through Girl Scouts.

“We were in brownies together. We went on camping trips together, even if we didn’t like it we were just like just pairing up,” she said.

Martin recalled her favorite memory after finding a t-shirt quilt they made one summer.

“This is mine and, obviously, hers is at her house and this is our little masterpiece she taught me how to sew all our t-shirts together,” Martin said. “It was just one of our favorite things to do together because we were both just very crafty people and we had so much fun just hanging out.”

They both saw Ally recently. They’re thankful to have known her.

Martin said she just texted Ally Tuesday to tell her she loved her.

“I’m so grateful that I ended up sending that text because that was only like a few days ago, so I got to talk to her a few days before this horrible thing happened,” she said.

We expect to hear more about what investigators are finding in Lafayette County Mississippi this week.