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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The homicide in Ashland Tuesday ended a brief break in the city’s rising homicide count.

Until the homicide Tuesday it had been 13 days since there was a homicide in St. Louis city.

As of June 26th there have been 83 homicides in St. Louis city in 2016.

Last year at this time there had been 88 homicides in the city.

Overall the numbers are comparable, but in the past 13 days we have only seen one homicide in St. Louis city.

In that same stretch of time last year there were 10 homicides in the city.

Could we be seeing the killings start to slow down?

James Clark, the Vice President of Community Outreach Better Family Life said going two weeks without a homicide is noteworthy but it is nothing to celebrate.

He said even thought we have not had a homicide in the city in nearly two weeks we have still had multiple homicides in the county and shootings across the metro area.

Clark said everyone in St. Louis is talking about how they want the violence to end, but he believes we need more resources in troubled neighbors to actually see a change.