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ST. LOUIS – The bars will be hopping Wednesday night. It’s the busiest day of the year for places that sell alcohol.

One St. Louis company is trying to ensure hundreds if not thousands of people make it home safe and sound after a night of partying.

St. Louis based Major Brands has put this one night program together.

Company officials know the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving folks get together and reunite with old friends at bars and restaurants.

Major Brands and the ride sharing company Lyft are working together to make sure there are fewer drunk drivers on the road.

They’re giving away 500 coupons worth $25 each for a free Lyft ride Wednesday night.

Sue McCollum is the CEO of Major Brands.  She said, “We want people to go out and have a good time and we want people to do that in a most responsible manner possible.”

She wants people to make the ride sharing companies a habit for folks who like to go out and party.

The free rides are available in Metro St. Louis in Missouri and can be used at any establishment that serves alcohol.