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ST. LOUIS – One of the city’s iconic landmarks celebrates its centennial Monday as the Bevo Mill opened this day (June 19) in 1917.

The Don Quixote-like Dutch style mill was built by August Busch Sr. in 1916. The story goes that August wanted a halfway point between the brewery and his home where he could stop and have a beer. It was later opened to the public as a restaurant.

Bevo comes from the Bohemian word “pivo,” which means “beer.” During Prohibition, Anheuser-Busch brewed a non-alcoholic beer named “Bevo.”

Anheuser-Busch bequeathed the restaurant to the city in January 2009 after InBev bought the brewery. It was closed three months later.

Pat and Carol Schucard bought the business in May 2016, turning it into a biergarten and event space. The all-new Bevo Mill, renamed “Das Bevo,” reopened in May 2017.