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O’FALLON, MO (KTVI) – After the successful birth of their daughter three years ago, Joe and Lauren Flaugher turned to the Birth and Wellness Center in O’Fallon for the natural birth of their newborn earlier this month.

“I did a lot of visualizations, a lot of positive affirmations before the birth to kind of prepare myself,” Lauren said.

After nine months, followed by nine hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing, nothing could prepare the Flaughers for who was coming out.

“At first, I honestly could not believe it,” Lauren said. “I kept saying that’s wrong, the scale cannot be right, this isn’t right. And they said, ‘No, that’s right. That’s actually true.’”

Finnis Steven Flaugher was born weighing just over 13 pounds.

“He’s very calm, he’s very laid back; he sleeps really well,” said Joe, the proud father. “His older sister wasn’t any of those things, so that’s been helpful that he’s been laid back. He’s pretty low maintenance.”

Finnis will make three-weeks-old on Wednesday and is adjusting to life at home with mom, dad, and his big sister.

And with such a big entrance into the world, Finnis’ future—maybe as an athlete, his dad hopes—is sure to be even bigger.

“I’ve been waiting for some scouting and some scouts to call; haven’t gotten anything yet,” Joe said.

The Birth and Wellness Center is the state’s only fully accredited birth center staffed by certified midwives. The Flaughers said they’ve received questions about the health of the baby and mom. Doctors said both are healthy. The Flaughers hope their story can educate others on the real possibilities of natural birth.