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CLEVELAND (WJW) – In Cleveland, there is ‘No Place Like Om.’

That’s because inside the yoga studio on Detroit Road, the practice is done in the buff.

“This is the kind of yoga class where you don’t have to worry about what to wear,” said Buck Harris, yoga instructor.

The class is called Buck-naked Yoga and it’s no place for being shy.

“I was approached about five years ago by a group that asked if I was willing to do a yoga workshop in the nude.  It’s been my most popular class since,” said Harris.

Harris owns the studio.

For him, it’s a liberating experience.

“The way I explain it is if you’ve ever been skinny dipping, you’ll never want to wear a bathing suit again. It feels so comfortable, so natural,” said Harris.

And for the yogis in the buff, you could say it’s freeing.

“What we are doing is really normal. This is the practice the way it was thousands of years ago,” said Eric Jackson, who takes the class.

Twice a week, inhibitions are left at the door and mats are unrolled.

And in case you are wondering, the space is open to women, too.

“We have co-ed regular yoga classes here, we also have other kinds of exercise classes, as well,” said Harris.

Outside the studio, people passing by were surprised to hear about the naked yoga class.

While some were intrigued, others did not want to look.

“Our clothes are really kind of like our code of armor and when you remove them you are a little bit more open, a little bit more vulnerable,” said Harris.

Because in this place, stripping away what covers people can help these yogis find their true inner Zen.

“We’re all improving each and every day. And so why should we be afraid of the flesh when in all actuality, we are trying to improve on something greater than this,” said Jackson.