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ST. LOUIS – Big changes at BJC HealthCare and on the Washington University Medical School campus. All of the changes could impact you.

Doctors say elective surgeries will resume soon.

Dr. Bruce Hall is Vice-President and chief quality officer at BJC HealthCare and a Wash. U. Professor of Surgery.

“I think we’re talking about just a couple of weeks the good news its will be soon,” said Dr. Bruce Hall.

He said hundreds of patients who have had to put off elective surgery because of COVID-19 will be relieved.  They can finally get help. Dr. Hall says they’ve been preparing to make everything as safe as possible when they reopen.

“We’ve taken a lot of care to make sure we have the right equipment, medications and space to maintain distance when patient do come to the hospital. I would like to assure patients when they come to the hospital they will be safe.”

He said some patients may have to get a COVID 19 test. Doctors are awaiting the go- ahead from government leaders to resume elective surgeries.

And, from now on, if you go into building on the med school campus or visit any BJC HealthCare building you are required to wear a mask. If you forget they will provide one. This comes as the result of what scientists continue to discover about the virus.

“We learned people can be infected with the virus and potentially pass it to others even before their symptoms get really started,” said Dr. Hilary Babcock is the Director of infection prevention at BJC HealthCare and a Wash. U. Infectious disease specialist.

She said the masks are for your protection but more to protect people around you. They say the universal masking will be in effect for the near future.