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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) –  When we first met Liam Myrick last year, he was making paintings and they were getting sold on Facebook.

It was to help pay more than half a million dollars in medical bills after he was diagnosed with stage four Neuroblastoma.

Today this four year old was granted a wish…by a genie.

‘Certainly when you see the look on Liam’s face today it makes it all worth it,’ says Patrick Fusz the general sales manager for Lou Fusz Toyota.  That dealership provided a vehicle for Liam and his family to drive around in on their dream day.

Liam was all smiles as he and his family got a front row view at the St. Louis Zoo.

It was a welcome departure from the daily visits to children’s hospital to fight his childhood cancer.

‘We don’t get to do this very often or anything like this at all,’ says Greg Myrick, Liam’s Father.

‘These guys are have made our day.’

From apes to zebras, Liam and his blue genie were taking in the sights…and turning heads along the way.

‘He didn’t like him at first,’ says Liam`s Mom Shawna Myrick.  ‘But he does now.’

After all, most genies are only seen in storybooks or Disney movies.

But this wish granter goes by the name of Joshua Dawson, and he’s a man with a mission.

‘My Father passed of cancer when he was only 53 years old,’ says Joshua Dawson the Experience Genie Founder.  ‘I always wanted to take him out for a day of fun and I never got that chance.

After he passed I decided to dress up like a genie and surprise them with their wishes.’
Today Liam’s wish was the genie’s command – a helicopter ride later and a stay at the Omni hotel.

But first some furry creatures up close and a chance to forget about the 12 rounds of chemo, two bone marrow/stem cell transplants and 20 rounds of radiation he’s faced this past year.

‘Just the smile on my family’s faces,’ says Shawna Myrick.  ‘Just being together I think and not having to be in a hospital.’

And that’s why today, was just about a perfect day, with or without a genie by your side.

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