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ST. LOUIS – Some good news for Boeing and St. Louis jobs. A new fighter jet took to the skies.

You might have heard the roar of these jet engines Tuesday morning over St. Louis skies. Boeing’s new F-15EX fighter jet, two of them flying overhead and clearing the way for the company to move forward with the state-of-the-art jets.

The new Boeing F-15EX fighter jet completed its first flight Tuesday, paving the way for the early delivery of the first two jets to the U.S. Air Force later this quarter. 

The jet took off and landed from St. Louis lambert International Airport, completing a 90-minute test flight before returning to the airport.

Boeing F-15 Chief Test Pilot Matt Giese checked out the multirole jet’s avionics, advanced systems and software. 

In July, the Air Force awarded Boeing a contract to build the first of eight jets. Future plans call for as many as 144 aircraft, which is a big order for the world’s largest aerospace company, and their defense, space and security division, and all those employees here in St. Louis.