ST. LOUIS – Boeing will invest $5 million to help expand the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center in St. Louis, an investment the company says will help fund the manufacturing facility and develop programs.

Boeing is hopeful the expansion will also help grow the region’s technical and manufacturing abilities.

The partnership between Boeing and AMICSTL plans to establish St. Louis’ North Central Corridor as an advanced manufacturing innovation and technology hub over the next decade. This goal will be met by creating one central site, with an expandable campus, that can support the entire manufacturing process from conception to production.

Boeing Donation Announcement to the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Center, Building 101. St. Louis, MO. MSF22-019 Series.

The new facility will be located near three buildings: the Cortex, an innovation community, NGA West, the new National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency facility, and the Ranken Technical College campus.

In addition to Boeing’s five-year investment, Boeing Phantom Works Vice President Steve Nordlund will join the AMICSTL Board of Directors. Longtime Boeing St. Louis executive Kory Mathews, who is retiring from Boeing later this year, will serve as AMICSTL’s interim CEO.