Bold St. Peters porch pirate caught on two doorbell cameras

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ST. PETERS, MO – St. Peters Police want the public`s help in identifying a porch pirate who was caught on not one but two doorbell cameras.

Authorities at the St. Peters Police Department posted the video on the department`s Facebook page Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday night police told us they were already getting calls.

“There was two doorbells with cameras on it like they`re not hidden.

They`re as clear as day,” explained the victim, a 22-year-old woman who does not want to be identified.

And the images of the porch pirate are pretty clear as well.

It all happened around 2:15pm back on January 7th at the Sugarwood Condominiums off Harvester Road in St. Peters.

You can see a woman goes to an upstairs unit and takes a package right off the porch.

The cameras also catch an image of a pick-up truck that police think the suspect got away in.

The victim says it was just curtains inside the package.

But she still wants the suspect caught.

She told us, “I was shocked that it happened to me and I had just moved in two weeks prior to that. I was like okay so I need to be a little more careful. Even my neighbor and us we`ve been like grabbing each other's packages if we see them get delivered just so nothing like that happens again.”

The victim tells us her roommate actually saw the theft on her phone shortly after it happened when she got a notification from her doorbell camera.

St. Peters Police hope someone will recognize the suspect from the video.

“It`s a crime of opportunity. So that`s where a lot of our crimes fit. It`s just the criminal is at the right place at right time and believes the reward is worth the risk of getting caught,” said Officer Melissa Doss.

The victim added, “Don`t take people`s stuff. You know like I`m in college, I`m trying to figure it out and people are taking my stuff. I feel like it`s so disrespectful.”

At this point, authorities aren`t sure if the suspect was working alone or had someone else with her.

If you have any information you are asked to call St. Peters Police.


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