SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Two men have been arrested in connection with shots fired over the weekend at the Mexican Attorney General’s office building in Tijuana.

No one was hurt, but investigators say both men have criminal records.

“We also recovered an assault weapon and two vehicles, which have been turned over to state investigators,” said José Fernando Sánchez González, director of Tijuana’s Public Safety.

Weapon seized after suspects were arrested for shooting at Mexico’s Attorney General’s office in Tijuana. (Courtesy: Tijuana Municipal Police)

Sánchez González stated the suspects were chased to the parking lot of a nearby hospital where they got into another vehicle and took off before being apprehended following a shootout with municipal police officers.

The suspects arrested have been identified as 21-year-old Juan Francisco “N”, who has prior convictions for assault and robbery. The other man has been identified as Jesús Ángel “N,” who is 24 years old.

“There are details about other suspects who took part in the shooting, but we’ll leave that up to the state to investigate,” said Sánchez González.