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BOSTON, MA (KTVI) – Two simultaneous explosions are reported near the finish line at the Boston Marathon at around 2:50pm on Monday. The explosions sent smoke billowing into the air at Copley Square, turning a site of celebration into a mess of destruction. They were  were about 50-100 yards apart. The explosions happened after the first runners had crossed the finish line. Many runners were still finishing the race.

According to CNN federal authorities are classifying Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon as a terrorist attack, but it’s not clear whether its origin was domestic or foreign, a federal law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation said.

Boston police say that there is no suspect in custody. Anyone with information should call – 1-800-494-TIPS. Call 1-617-635-4500 for a victim hotline.

Looking for someone at the marathon?  Use Google’s People Finder

A third incident occurred at the JFK Library at around 3:30pm central time. The Boston Police Department reports that the incident was fire related. There have been no injuries reported.

The number of wounded treated at Boston hospitals after Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings has risen to 140, including 17 in critical condition, hospital officials said. Three people died in the terror attack, including an 8-year-old boy, a state law enforcement source said. A terrorism expert with CNN says there have been ten lost limbs from the explosions.  Doctors are picking ball bearings out of victims in the emergency room.

The Lenox Hotel was evacuated, the Boston Globe reported, as authorities looked into possible security concerns. Bomb sniffing dogs are searching the area. Two more explosive devices have been found.

The Boston Police Commissioner gave a press conference at around 3:50pm on Monday.  He says all victims have been removed from scene.  They immediately enacted special system with FBI & State Police.

All bags, purses and backpacks are being checked for explosives. Many runners dropped bags when they fled scene.

It is also Patriots’ Day in Boston. The marathon is held every year on this day. Many businesses not full because of holiday. The marathon was being run in honor of the Newtown shooting victims.

The marathon takes several hours for all runners to cross. There are more than 26,000 runners participate in this race. The marathon stopped after the explosions.

Other cities, including New York and Washington, tightened security as a result. Following standard protocol, the White House cleared out an area in front of the West Wing. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson says that no security changes have been made in St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis Marathon President Nancy Lieberman released this statement about the events in Boston on Monday, “We are deeply saddened by the tragic events at today’s Boston Marathon, a world-class event that showcases sportsmanship and athleticism. Our thoughts are with the many people that were injured and frightened today. As part of the racing community our top priority is to provide safe, fun events for everyone to enjoy. Our hearts go out to the race organizers. We know the hard work that goes into ensuring safe events for participants and spectators. It takes a tremendous collaboration between city officials, emergency personnel, law enforcement, security personnel and volunteers.”

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Flights Banned Over Boston Marathon Explosion Site

Check the Boston Marathon’s website for where runners last checked in at.

People from St. Louis Competing in the Boston Marathon:

Bib # Name Age Sex City State
2073 1/3 Apfelbaum, Sean 24 M Saint Louis IL
5641 1/6 Barthel, Erik 40 M St. Louis MO
19738 3/2 Becker, Joan C. 50 F Richmond Heights MO
21053 3/4 Bence, Bonnie C. 68 F Saint Louis MO
4494 1/5 Berger, John W. 32 M Saint Louis MO
3091 1/4 Bradley, Tim D. 30 M St. Louis MO
10270 2/2 Buchowski, Katherine 38 F Saint Louis MO
9654 2/1 Carlson, Paul W. 47 M St. Louis MO
10096 2/2 Carter, Jay W. 49 M St Louis MO
10479 2/2 Chalker, Douglas L. 48 M Saint Louis MO
21483 3/4 Crumpton, Robert C. 41 M St Louis MO
3798 1/4 Cruse, David G 30 M St. Louis MO
15603 2/7 Davis, Sara 33 F St. Louis MO
13014 2/5 Dill, Larry 53 M St. Louis MO
14683 2/6 Ellerman, Stephanie 39 F Webster Groves MO
15589 2/7 Forcelledo, Anna M. 32 F St. Louis MO
9245 2/1 Frigerio, Mike P. 51 M St. Louis MO
9702 2/1 Gannon, Sean P. 47 M St. Louis MO
6658 1/7 Gasser, Ryan 40 M University City MO
20542 3/3 Gibson, Jennifer A 56 F Clayton MO
13021 2/5 Gould, Temima 30 F St. Louis MO
833 1/1 Griffen, Zachary 24 M St. Louis MO
4593 1/5 Karsanbhai, Surendralal 44 M Saint Louis MO
8641 1/9 Kotaska, Bill 51 M St. Louis MO
18547 3/1 Kruger, Deborah P 47 F St. Louis MO
7510 1/8 Lehr, Megan 30 F Saint Louis MO
12517 2/4 Little, Micah M 25 F Overland MO
602 1/1 Lyons, Joe C. 31 M Webster Groves MO
8257 1/9 Matz, Paul G 47 M Clayton MO
17405 2/9 Meinershagen, Martha J. 42 F St. Louis MO
23863 3/6 Melander, Matthew P. 44 M Clayton MO
11789 2/3 Melander, Rebecca S. 43 F Clayton MO
2431 1/3 Muntges, Daniel E 32 M University City MO
2756 1/3 Murrie, Andrew S. 31 M Saint Louis MO
14378 2/6 Nichols, Jessica 29 F Kirkwood MO
18486 3/1 Owenby, Katie 43 F Saint Louis MO
16624 2/8 Payton, Jacqueline E. 38 F Clayton MO
6570 1/7 Pelligreen, Lee 45 M Saint Louis MO
15550 2/7 Person, Suzanne 33 F Kirkwood MO
11022 2/3 Polk, Eric E 46 M Clayton MO
25220 3/9 Quinn, Jeffry N. 54 M St Louis MO
4321 1/5 Reboulet, Timothy 38 M Saint Louis MO
1471 1/2 Reinhardt, Samuel W 24 M St. Louis MO
14820 2/6 Riebeling, Nancy S 28 F Saint Louis MO
22562 3/5 Rowley, Chad A. 35 M St Louis MO
4459 1/5 Saettele, Greg R. 31 M Brentwood MO
23360 3/6 Saxton, Gail 65 F Des Peres MO
4699 1/5 Schmidt, Heidi H. 46 F Saint Louis MO
25222 3/9 Shank, Brett D. 36 M Webster Groves MO
13791 2/5 Shaw, Hillary 29 F St. Louis MO
10984 2/2 Adams, John L. Jr. 54 M Wildwood MO
20712 3/3 Anderson, David 66 M Chesterfield MO
22055 3/5 Bader, Flavia B. 40 F Chesterfield MO
8509 1/9 Defache, Dorian 49 M Clermont Ferrand
20040 3/3 Dowell, Donna M 52 F Chesterfield MO
16394 2/8 Endebrock, Stacey L. 47 F Hillsboro MO
18158 3/1 Ference, Tara 42 F Wildwood MO
19749 3/2 Johnson, Janet 55 F Maryland Heights MO
20810 3/3 Kleman, Gary 68 M Ballwin MO
13967 2/5 Lang, Heather J 37 F House Springs MO
15149 2/7 Levy, Liane C 43 F Chesterfield MO
5619 1/6 Lyston, Keith 47 M Chesterfield MO
9668 2/1 Maluf, Horacio M 53 M Wildwood MO
9296 2/1 Moore, Wayne F 45 M Fenton MO
19772 3/2 Morton, Pam 47 F Fenton MO
15687 2/7 Nelson, Rebecca L 39 F Ballwin MO
10611 2/2 Peterson, Alonzo 46 M Ballwin MO
7258 1/8 Polcyn, Thomas 43 M Chesterfield MO
19310 3/2 Shibley, Nofa 47 F Chesterfield MO
19227 3/2 Shust, Melissa 48 F Washington MO
1007 1/2 Silker, Chad D 33 M Ballwin MO
22044 3/5 Stockhausen, James M. 56 M Ballwin MO
24487 3/9 Taormina, Vincent G. 48 M Chesterfield MO
18868 3/1 Vetter, Donna M 45 F Maryland Heights MO
8219 1/9 Wilke, David M 53 M Florissant MO

Posts on Twitter are giving some on-scene descriptions.