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ST. LOUIS – Big news for family and a boy who many have been pulling for.

Ashton Yates survived a terrifying boating accident late last month, and Wednesday the family’s prayers were answered, because Ashton just got to go home.

A lift from dad and no more hospital bed.  After 17 days, it may take a while for that to sink in for 11-year-old Ashton Yates.  Whose life was so much different a few Sundays ago, while having a blast boating with the family.

Until he fell from the boat and the propeller shredded part of a nerve in his leg.

Ashton’s Doctor, Christopher Dy said, “Ashton had a very bad nerve injury with a big gap between ends of a very important nerve that helps to bring the ankle up, bring the toes up, and feel sensation in the top of the foot.”

He says a lengthy, painful, nerve-graft surgery six days ago, looks like a success, so Ashton`s going home.

“I think him crossing those milestones is going to be what helps keep his spirits up.  He got his sutures out.  That`s a step.  We`re getting better.” Said Ashton’s father Brian Yates.

As for Ashton, “Going in my own room and eating better food and I get to see Petey, my dog.”

“Everyone`s so excited we`re going home today.  People are wanting to help build ramps for the wheelchair.” Said Blair Yates, Ashton’s mother.

The family`s had overwhelming support from Ashton`s baseball team keeping his jersey in the dugout and sending him an autographed game ball.

To countless prayers from family, friends, even strangers.  It`s made a world of difference.

“It made me feel better.  Made it easier to get through the hard times.”

And it made him believe that yes, he would go home again.

The doctor says it may take six months to a year for Ashton’s nerves to regenerate and his rehab to be complete.  But he should be able to play ball again.  There’s a GoFundMe account to help with family’s medical expenses.