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ST. LOUIS – Police have released video of a Monday night shooting as it happened in efforts to catch the gunman. The shooting unfolded Monday night around 8 o’clock in a north city in a neighborhood where people said they watch out for each other. They said shootings on their street are rare.

The video shows the gunman as he unleashes four shots at a 38-year-old man who is running away from him.  Police detectives hope someone recognizes the gunman and will give them a call.  Gary Willis owns a local grocery store. When he saw the video he said, “Oh my goodness…it’s kind of sad I don’t know if that guy’s from the neighbor or not.”

Viewers can see the apparent victim on the right side of the screen running away.  It happened at the corner of Athlone and West Florissant.  At one end of Athlone is O’Fallon Park, a community center and a bus stop.  At the other end of the street is a middle school, “It’s tragic my son goes to school right down the street it’s tragic,” said Keysha Williams, resident.

People realize children or neighbors could have been killed by one of the bullets as they went about their daily lives.  Ardelia Wheeler lives only feet from where the shooting happened, “We got people getting off the bus at night coming home from work. My mother catches the bus, I catch the bus over here,” said Wheeler.  Wheeler used to be the block unit captain for the street, “This is a community we all live over here, we care about what we are, and that’s (the shooting) unacceptable.”

The victim was shot in the face at last report he was in critical but stable condition.  Police have no suspects or motive at this point.