Bridgeton woman uses app to find her stolen car

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BRIDGETON, Mo. – A Bridgeton woman is the latest victim of a car theft. But in her case, she went from victim to detective.

A brand new 2018 Chevy Sonic was discovered missing on a recent morning when Lori Foster’s daughter was headed to work. The Fosters filed a report with Bridgeton Police.
Within hours of her car stolen from her driveway, Foster managed to track down the vehicle.

“[My daughter] called me. And she said, ‘Hey, Mom. I think I know where the car is.”

Using an app provided by Chevy, the Fosters found the car to be a Love’s gas station at North Broadway in north St. Louis. Foster immediately left her home and drove to the location. And sure enough, the Sonic was there. She called police. The detective gave her stern instructions.

“He was like, do not get out of your car. Don’t go near it,” she said. “The danger, he told me – people have been killed for less. So not to go near it, there’s a possibility the suspects could be there.”

It is very likely the suspects were inside the McDonald’s at the station when Foster and police arrived. Police recovered the vehicle, along with some stolen items belonging to other people.

“The police called us back to go over the contents that they discovered in the car. They found a Samsung tablet, multiple sets of car keys, somebody’s identification, and then they found marijuana in the car, as well. I mean, who leaves their stuff behind, let alone their marijuana behind?” Foster asked.

What Foster knows for certain is that the theft could have likely been prevented altogether. Drivers, she said, should always remember to keep valuables out of their car. In this case, her daughter accidentally left the key fob inside the Sonic.

“So that was a gold mine for them,” she said.

Foster said she hopes the number of crimes related to vehicles decreases.

“I feel for all the people with the carjackings. And all the people getting their cars stolen. And I just hope people continue to be safe,” she said.

Bridgeton Police are investigating the case. At this point, there are no witnesses to the incident and no arrests have been made.

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