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UPDATE: The Circuit Attorney’s Office issued a warrant for 2nd Degree Involuntary Manslaughter against Marcus Anderson, a 20-year old male of the 4600 block of San Francisco. A judge set bond at $20,000.

ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A 15-year-old girl was shot in the head around 1:20 Thursday afternoon and killed by her older brother who was playing with a shotgun. Police said the family moved into their home just three days ago in the 4600 block of San Francisco.  A gun had been left in the home by a friend. That gun took the life of the girl police have identified as Alicia Anderson.

The girl`s mother cried uncontrollably when she learned the news. Police said it was all an accident. The girl`s 20-year old brother who is mentally challenged was playing with the gun when it went off.  Jasmine Davis, a neighbor saw the brother as he was taken away by police. “When he came out his hands were bloody. They put him on the ground and he was like this wasn`t going to happen.  He thought the gun was a toy he didn`t think his sister was going to get shot by it,” she said.

Davis also talked to the victim`s boyfriend who was on the front porch when the brother allegedly fired the shot.  Davis said, “The little girl was in the shower as she got out of the tub and put on her robe as she was walking out the door, boom he shot her in the head.”

Besides his mental abilities, police say there`s another reason he may have thought the gun was a toy.  Homicide Commander Lt. John Green said, “He made statement the gun wasn`t real, it`s spray painted gold.”  Police said the mother knew the gun was in the home and did what she could to prevent any danger to her family.  Lt. Green added, “She apparently thought she hid the gun well enough that nobody would find it until she was able to properly dispose of the weapon.”  He said the gun was hidden behind the dresser.