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Warning: Video contains graphic language

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – As you would expect, Friday’s ruling has angered Anthony Lamar Smith’s family, who vowed to continue to fight for justice. Smith’s brother, Antwaine Johnson, was very upset.

“I am torn, I felt like the judicial system – it showed it don’t work and showing for years it don’t work. We had all the evidence there for us to get a conviction. We had audio, video, witnesses, and everything. We don’t have a conviction and this man is walking free,” Johnson said.

Smith’s family they say Friday’s ruling was a big blow and they were surprised and disappointed with the decision.

Johnson said the ruling brings a lot of hurt, pain, and frustration for some in the community.

St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Timothy Wilson found former police officer Jason Stockley not guilty of first-degree murder in the 2011 killing of motorist Anthony Lamar Smith.

Johnson said he nervously watched the proceedings and called the decision unjust and believes in his heart Stockley should have been found guilty of murder.

Smith’s brother said the family plans to appeal the ruling to the Missouri Supreme Court.


Johnson doesn’t believe the judge did his job because he’s on the way to retirement.

“The whole time the trial was going on, that man was falling asleep at his stand,” he said.

He believes Judge Wilson wasn’t paying attention to the case and already had his mind made up before the trial started.

“We’re not done with this case. Stockley committed a murder and he has to be held accountable for his actions,” Johnson said.

Johnson says Stockley put him behind bars just eight days before killing his brother. “We’re coming together to shut it down.”

“We all need to come together as people. The justice system doesn’t care about us. These laws are not made for us.”