Brother of man gunned down near SLU enters police academy

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ST. LOUIS – Violence in St. Louis is leading to some people taking action in surprising ways. In a time when it seems few people want to become police officers, Jayson Bagsby said he’s being called to serve now more than ever.

Two young men were shot and killed while riding in their Nissan Rogue near Lindell Boulevard and Grand Avenue on July 13. Former Governor Eric Greitens heard the 20-25 shots as he was eating dinner nearby and responded to give first aid.

“The brother of one of the victims reached out to me and he asked me if I would be willing to come down and talk with him and particularly to talk to his mom and they just wanted to know what those final moments were like for her son,” Greitens said,

Bagsby added, “It actually meant a lot, because he didn’t have to come and talk.”

His younger brother, 20-year-old Arie died that night.

Police have no leads, no suspects and no known motive.

While the trauma might shut some people down – it fuels Bagsby.

He’s been a firefighter EMT for five years.

“Over the years with EMS, I’ve learned how to cope with things and just keep going you can’t really let it slow you down,” Bagsby said.

Now he’s preparing to enter the police academy.

“I like helping people, meeting people, hearing their stories and seeing what I can do to make their situations better. I try to not let what other people think sway my opinion because there have been several people who have been like – oh you shouldn’t become a cop because this that or the other.”

He thinks he can use his brother’s ingenuity. He said Arie always figured out how to build or fix something – “like fixing a printer for somebody,” Jayson said, “He doesn’t know how, but he’ll figure it out.”

Now Jayson says he wants to figure out how to make St. Louis’ streets safe again. He said, “So people don’t have to worry about anything just walking down the street.”

He’s ready to begin St. Louis’ police academy in September. He says he will stay here and serve the same streets where his brother died.

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