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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – The attorney for Michael Brown’s family said they were not stunned by the Department of Justice report.  Anthony Gray said, “No shock here at all no surprise.”  The incidents citizens reported to be happening were backed up by the federal investigation.  Gray said, “We have to take now is what is publicly known to be a situation come up with a solution then execute whatever those solutions are go back and measure the result and see if we made some progress from there.”

The killing of Michael Brown and the rioting that followed led to the appointment of The Ferguson Commission. The two co-chairs Tuesday night were ready to move forward.   Co-chairman Starsky Wilson said, “I think we would do well not to focus squarely as a region on the Ferguson Department except to learn some of the things that may be helpful for the various police departments  through-out the region and the work we have to do with citizen and law enforcement relations.”  Co-chair Richard McClure had some specific ideas, “We need to change training, we need to change assessment, we need to change the way we interact with our citizens.”

St. Louis City Alderman Antonio French was active in the protests.  He was upset to learn from the report that Ferguson workers made racists jokes in emails, he said that shows there is a culture that permits this and someone needs to pay.  French said, “To me that demands a certain amount of accountability. I think the chief out there has to resign it`s the only way this community can move forward.”

French said it`s possible the Ferguson police department will be disbanded and city leaders will have the county take over public safety. The attorney for the Brown family expects to file a civil suit concerning Michael Brown`s death as early as this week.