Bully Writes Homosexual Slur On 7th Grader’s Neck

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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL. (KTVI) – A “bully” at Mason Clark Middle School in East St. Louis wrote a word often used as slur against homosexuals on the neck of a student, according to the victim’s mother.

Ruth Childs said the incident happened on Monday and school officials confirmed that it did happen.

“He was resting his head on his desk and a boy wrote it on his neck,” Childs said. “I saw it when he got home and called the school after taking a picture of it.”

Caylend Childs spent the entire school day with it on his neck.

“He did not know it was there, but all the kids were laughing at him,” Childs said. “It was written in permanent marker.”

Childs said her son was also attacked in school bathroom this school year.

“They kicked in the stall door and kicked Caylend in the back.” she said. “Urine got all over him.”

School officials released the following statement:

“Each incident was investigated and the students responsible were immediately disciplined according to district guidelines.”

However, Childs said her son has been “damaged” by the incidents.

“It has really changed him into someone who tries to get out of going to school,” Childs said. “It is heartbreaking for me.”

School officials said Caylend would be monitored to make sure nothing else happens.

“We just want it to stop,” Childs said.

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