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CHESTERFIELD, MO – Chesterfield police are searching for two burglars who not only stole $20,000 worth of high-end sunglasses, they also damaged the store’s security system.

Chesterfield Detective Robert Powell said the duo broke into Solstice Sunglass Outlet after hours February 3rd.

The burglars were on a mission, he said. Surveillance images show one of them headed for the display wall. He is seen emptying the sunglasses from the wall into a trashcan.

His partner in crime had a different role.

“The other male suspect heads straight to the back, and starts causing damage to the video surveillance system, and the alarm system.”

Powell said the damage was significant. Fortunately, he said, a few surveillance images show the two suspects.

This isn’t the first case involving sunglasses stolen from stores in the metro area. Sunglasses, particularly designer sunglasses, are big on the black market, Powell said.

He said given the nature of the damage to the store and the speed with which the items were stolen, the burglars knew what they were doing. Police are asking for the public’s help.

“Obviously somebody knows something in regards to this merchandise because of the sheer volume that was taken. So, we’re just asking for the public’s assistance in this,” he said.

No complete suspect description could be provided because the two men were covered, wearing hooded jackets, gloves, and their faces were concealed.

Anyone with information should contact the Chesterfield Police Department at (636) 537-3000.