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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KTVI) – The Fox 2 News story about the courier whose truck was vandalized due to a bumper sticker showing support for police had barely concluded when Jim Tiroch’s Facebook account started blowing up.

Somebody had spraypainted “Cops Must Die. BLM. Pig lover” on Tiroch’s cargo truck.

“Hundreds of comments,” he said, of his original post. “On Facebook and IMGUR. The story has been shared more than 200 times.”

Tiroch said he is humbled and overwhelmed by the response.

“Several auto body shops have offered to clean up the van for me,” said Tiroch. “So with this story going as viral as it has, it has really shocked me, surprised me. But a lot of people are saying I shouldn’t be because it’s all about support for police.”

Tiroch did go to work Friday morning. Though he made deliveries in his passenger car, rather than his cargo van.

“That’s a big affect on my pay,” he said. “With the cargo van I can haul up to three standard-size, palletized freight, up to 4,200 pounds. And I take that kind of stuff all over the country. I’ve been to Boston, Vermont, Miami, down to the Mexican border.”

Not so with his red Dodge Dart. But while Tiroch’s truck remains parked in the driveway, his story has gone viral.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis County Police Department said investigators believe Tiroch’s claims are legitimate and they are investigating.

Meanwhile, Schneider Graphics has stepped forward to remove the spray paint and fix the decals.