Busted – More than 100 Madison County car break-ins allegedly linked to two burglars

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ALTON, Ill. — A huge number of car break-in cases appear to have been solved by police in Metro East with the apprehension of four people.

The Madison County Sheriff Department thinks more than 100 cases may have been solved. Alton Police detectives launched the investigation, which at first involved dozens of car break-ins. Then that number grew. Sheriff’s detectives joined the investigation and officials say good hard police work led to the arrests.

Chief Deputy Jeff Connor works at the Madison County Sheriff Department. He said, “We’ve now linked them to up to 150 auto burglaries.”

Police say two adults and two juveniles were taken into custody. Deanadre M. Gilmore, 19, is charged with one count of stealing a car and seven counts of car burglary. Keisha N. Lytle, 19, is facing similar charges. Each suspect’s bond is set at $100,000.

Earlier this week we reported Dupo Police working with other departments to arrest suspects responsible for many car burglaries in that area. In Madison County, they’ve been focused on all the burglaries. Chief Deputy Connor said, “They set up surveillance and once again kudos go to the Alton Police Department and our patrol and investigating division for doing this.”

Authorities said a high number of car burglaries happened on West Delmar and Pierce Lane in Godfrey. Even after police have insisted people the metro area lock their cars most of the victims in these cases left their vehicles unlocked.

Beverly Perry owns a car, she said, “If they’re going to leave their cars outside why don’t they lock them up.”

Shelby Clayton is also a driver. She added, “It still feels like a small town here and I wonder if people just think that it’s safe here.”

The sheriff’s department said in two cases keys were left in the cars and the vehicles were ripped off, one has been recovered which led to the arrests.

A gun and a crossbow were stolen from the vehicles. Mostly small items like change were taken. In some cases the police don’t think the victims knew they were victims.

One young person is in juvenile custody the other was released.


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